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Balinese Massage

It is a strong and intense massage that acts in depth on the muscles, relieving the muscular pains and tensions. It is made on a mat on the floor.

The therapist uses long sliding and pressure movements made with the fingers and palms on the meridian lines of the body, in addition to rolling movements on the muscles.

Similar to other massage techniques, Balinese massage seeks to achieve a deep state of relaxation of body and mind. What distinguishes it is that the Balinese believe that to achieve this high state of relaxation, blood and oxygen must flow freely, as well as the flow of energy, unrestrained by the body.

As part of traditional Balinese massage, deep hand treatment is practiced through strong acupressure pressure followed by intense pressure, smoothing, tapping, rubbing and gentle stretching of the skin. A very important element of the Balinese therapeutic system is the use of essential oils (rose, jasmine, bergamot, ylang-ylang, etc.), whose task is to loosen and calm the patient and ensure the proper flow of blood and lymph. The massage takes place most often with the relaxing sounds of the original Balinese music.

After the end of the proper massage, which usually lasts about an hour, it is time to calm down, the element of which may be, among others, the ritual of drinking warming, cleansing, anti-bacterial ginger tea.

Balinese massage is performed on a traditional massage bed or on a soft mat placed on the floor. In the event of any contraindications to the lying position during the massage, the procedure may be performed on a person in a sitting position.

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