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Full Body Massage

Full body massage with the belly and feet. This massage relieves tension caused by prolonged sitting, frequent recurrence of movement, poor cushion, or uncomfortable bed or chair especially in the area of the neck and shoulder area, the upper part of the back and sometimes in the leaves. During this massage, the lactic acid accumulations in the muscles (so-called miogelosis) are broken. These clusters can occur anywhere on the body, and most often occur in the area of the blade. The blood flow and the lymph circulation are triggered. Depending on the force of pressure it may be energizing or relaxing.

Full body massage relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. Effects on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles in accordance with the methods used to have a relaxing or invigorating. Improves blood circulation of tissues, stimulates metabolism. Used for muscle tension, sleep disorders, as well as to relieve stress. A skilful massage relaxes and gives a sense of well-being. Massage is contraindicated in hypertension, varicose veins, acute skin diseases, and fever.

Full body massage - which aims to relax, stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. It is surface clean dead skin cells, skin hydrates and nourishes, and is achieved by deep relaxation as the muscles relax. It reduces the level of stress, relieves headaches, insomnia, nervousness.

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