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Hot Stone Massage

The deep tissues of your body receive immediate comfort and relief from hot, smooth stones, which also help to relieve all of the stress in your body. Hot stones - during this treatment, combinations of lukewarm and hot rocks are placed on the body following the main energy centers. Each stone is, in fact, an electromagnetic field, because it is obtained from the core of the earth. The stones have the ability to withstand long heat and are rich in magnesium, iron and copper. However, it is only a supportive to the therapist. The effect of this treatment is better blood flow, elimination of toxins from the body, release from the negative and filling with positive energy and deep relaxation.

The most common type of stone in this massage is the basalt stone. They are smooth, black volcanic stones that absorb and hold the heat quite well. Flat and smooth stones are easier to place on specific points of the body, making it important to be varied in size and shape. For example, you can use small stones between the toes to remove stress and stimulate nerve endings on the feet. Services

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