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Full Body to Body Massage

This is a relaxing body to body massage in delhi including the feet and belly. Applied movements are slow and deep. This massage relaxes all the muscles, especially those from the lower layers that we do not even know we have them. The movements are performed with the whole palm, toward the heart. The result is the complete relaxation of the vicious system that results in the calming of our minded mind and emotion. It is best to perform it in complete silence or with light music.

Our massage candles incorporate essential oils with everything you need to give a massage that your partner will never forget. You can choose the desired sensation through our 4 essential oils and different massages

Massage can be done every day. It helps to eliminate the negative energy accumulated during the day, after which the person feels relief and calm. By massaging, the muscle fibers become more elastic, oxygen is absorbed better, muscular performance improves, they recover more quickly after physical exertion. Massage works well on the joints system: blood supply improves, tendons and ligaments strengthen, swelling decreases.

We provide best offer special full body to body massage in delhi by female and male. A decontractant massage not only relieves pain or dissolves contracture (which, depending on the time it takes), will have to be treated with more or less sessions, but has other interesting health implications:

  • Increase blood circulation, improving muscle oxygenation.
  • Improved mobility and stretch muscle elasticity.
  • Decrease physical fatigue.
  • Prevents muscle diseases caused by poor bodily posture.
  • Free endorphins, contributing to a pleasant state.
  • Relax and help sleep well, resting deeply.
  • Relieve migraines and headaches, whether they are caused by cervical tension, or by excessive toxicity in the body.
  • In some cases it helps to release emotions, since the body is not separated from our thoughts or our feelings.

Give a moment of relaxation - Your loved one will enjoy the influx of new forces!

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