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Traditional Thai massage should be tonic. What does this mean? If you feel sleepy, massage should awaken you, give the body energy, willingness to work.

The Thailand Massage is a technique inspired by meditation and Yoga, and as the name suggests, comes from Thailand. It consists of movements and positions similar to those of Yoga and pressures that the therapist performs with hands, elbows or feet. What is intended is to balance the circulation of energy. It is recommended for people with problems with blood circulation, with stress or muscle tension.

Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is a specific form of body work where we combine various massage, stretching, passive yoga positions and stimulate energy paths. Its original name is Nuad Bo Rarn, a free translation of ancient healing arts (Nuad - touch, Bo Rarn - ancient, respected).

In traditional Thai medicine, Thai massage is used as a part of the natural healing system and is one of the key methods in preventing and eliminating various health problems. It reflects the philosophy of a holistic approach to health - takes into account the whole, not just individual parts. Like many other eastern medical systems, it is based on the theory of energy channels that go along the whole body by connecting all body systems and organs, and the quality of energy flow through them is responsible for the physical as well as the mental and emotional state of the individual. When the channels are "passable", the body functions smoothly take place, tissue is properly fed and eliminates toxins, and the resistance level of the organism is increased. In the event that the flow of energy is blocked or damaged in some way, due to the weakening of the body's functions, the body becomes susceptible to disease. The goal of Thai massage is to establish balanced flow in energy channels through treatment of energy lines and acupressure points.

Massage is performed on the trainer and the recipient is in light and comfortable clothes to have freedom of movement because during the massage the body is brought to a certain yoga position (asane). Controlled rhythmic pressures that follow the energy channels of the body, hands, feet, elbows and body weight, the therapist stimulates different areas. The pressure is regulated in accordance with the physical constitution and condition of the recipient of the massage. This massage stimulates circulation, drainage, metabolism and releases existing blockage at the level of the muscles and joints.

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